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This guide is a complete collection of links to Swedish antique related resources. Most information on this site is only available in Swedish, but many sites in the link collection also carries information in English, German, and other languages.


Antiquarian Booksellers
General, specialized, portals

Antique Dealers
Country furniture, associations, glass & porcelain, paintings, furniture, mail order, jewellery & silver, textiles & carpets

Antique Fairs

Auction Houses
Southern Sweden, northern Sweden, Internet auctions

Authorities, Legislation

Suggested Literature
Country furniture, general, glass, collectibles, furniture, jewellery & silver, porcelain, textiles

Collector Pages
Coins, postcards, letters & stamps, toys & cartoons

Conservation of Buildings

Denmark, Norway

Link collections, search services

Publishers, booksellers, suggested literature, magazines, TV

Museums, Exhibitions
Art, local/regional

Upholsterer, decorators

Contemporary designflea markets,



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